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Welcome to Oasis Park & Sell

We rent display space to individuals who want to sell their vehicles for fair market value instead of losing money to dealerships on trade-ins. We will help you every step of the way; our goal is to make buying and or selling your vehicle as painless as possible.

How is Oasis Park & Sell Different?

Most of the vehicles are for sale by owner. No salesmen roam the lot. There are no commissions to pay when you sell your car. Our only concern is to help you buy or sell a car. Not only do we sell vehicles, but also boats and trailers . . . anything on wheels! Price negotiations take place directly between yourself and the buyer. Once you have a buyer, we encourage you and the buyer to meet at our facility, a safe, secure location. We advertise your vehicle on our website and on! We have an internet presence and attract buyers from word of mouth recommendations as well. Our lot is open seven days a week for the buyer and sellers convenience, with office hours Monday through Saturday.

Oasis Park & Sell Services

 *Storage for RV's, Cars, Boats, Trailers and more!
 *Custom Detailing for your vehicles!

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